Curriculum Vitae
‘It is the province of art to isolate, focus, refine and exaggerate feelings’ author unknown

Director of Photography

Film Production Company Director
2012 ‘Blinder’ (feature-film)2012 ‘Blood, Sweat and Sequins’ (doc)

2011 ‘Mine Games’ (feature-film)

2011 ʻDone Dealʼ (short film)

2010 ʻSummer Coda’ (feature film)

2010 ʻOvertureʼ (sf)

2010 ʻKathleen Ferrierʼ (documentary)

2009 ʻATCʼ (ff)

2009 ʻVancouver Dreamsʼ(d)

2008 TRIKS. (d)

2008 ʻBloodʼ (sf)

2007 ʻShot Openʼ (sf)

2007 ʻPlasticʼ (sf)

2006 ʻSex with the Exʼ (sf)

2006 ʻClassifiedʼ (sf)

2004 ʻImaginary Friendʼ (sf)

Milwaukee Productions.Owl Howls

Zero Gravity/Yellow Brick Films.

Yellow Brick Films

Revival Film Company

CrankyFish/SideWalk Films

D. Perelsztejn & Co

Uniting Care

NSM/FOXTEL Olympics Unit

Diane Perelszjetn/Film Australia

Victorian College of the Arts

Australian Film Television and Radio School




Chelsea Cassio

Richard GrayLou Quill

Richard Gray

Richard Gray

Richard Gray

Jonathan Dutton

Diane Perelsztejn

Jeff Bowen

NSM/FOXTEL Olympics Unit

David Regos

Goran Stolevski

Scott Pickett

Sandy Widyanata

Leigh Richards

Ben Andrews

Chelsea Cassio

Series Television

Film Production Company Director
2013 Winners and Losers #3 (26 Eps)

2011 ‘Made by Hand’ (Tv)

2010 ʻCheese Slices-Bhutanʼ

2008 ʻThe Phoneʼ

2008 ʻSalaam Caféʼ

2008 ʻBogan Prideʼ

2007 ʻPurgatoryʼ Ep 2

2007 ʻHooley Dooleysʼ

7 Network

Channel 31.

December Films

DSP Beyond/FOXTEL 2nd Unit DoP/Aerials


Big & Little Films/ SBS 2nd U. DoP/BCam Op


ABC TV/Warner Bros USA

Series Producer. Paul Moloney

Tracey Wightman

Richard Gray

Richard Gray

Waleed Ali

Tony Ayers

Erin White


Television & Cinema Advertising

Film Production Company Director
2012 Jeep2010 Purina2010 ismycv2009 Crown Casino2008 Carers2008 Alliance France2008 Donʼt Trade Lives2006 No More Children in Detention

2005 Victoria Harbor

2005 Baby II

NiceBikeAdverlife/Buchanan GrpMajor Tom/the Reactor8 Commercials. (Aerials DoP)Ponto ComboPonto ComboWorldVision/Zerna FilmsGETUP!

Lend Lease Corporation

Innovative Pictures

Tom MarksThomas ElliotRichard GrayJosh FizzellNicholas HaywardNicholas HaywardRohan ZernaAngela Buckingham

Willy Beecher

Richard Gray

Music Clips

Film Production Company Director
2005 The Cat Empire. ʻTwo Shoesʼ2004 Brock Downey ʻWhen You Goʼ2004 Andrew de Silva ʻJust Like Good Musicʼ2004 Sebastian Lacombe ʻAquariumʼ Withasee/Cat Empire ProductionsInnovative PicturesInnovative Richard GrayRichard GrayRichard GrayTristian Dubois

Camera Operator

Television and Music Clips

Film Production Company Director of Photography
2007 ʻBed of Rosesʼ2007 ʻPurgatoryʼ Ep 32004 Brock Downey Ruby Ent/Southern StarAFTRS TVInnovative Pictures DoP. Brent Crockett ACSDoP. John BrawleyDoP. Ian Baker

Foreign Location Experience


(Extensive – see full Resume)

Canada – Vancouver, Whistler, Calgary

VANCOUVER DREAMS (documentary – sports/Olympics)




CHEESE SLICES (documentary – food/lifestyle)


STUDIO TRIKS (documentary – historical)

Career Highlights and Awards

2009 ʻShot Openʼ Wins GOLDEN TRIPOD. National ACS. (Australian Cinematographers Society)

2009 ʻPlasticʼ Wins OUTSTANDING VISUAL EFFECTS. Visual Effects Society. Los Angeles.

2008 ʻShot Openʼ Wins GOLD. Vic ACS.

2008 ʻPlasticʼ Wins SILVER. Vic ACS.

2008 ʻShot Openʼ invited to screen at film festival.

2007 Recipient of KODAK Student Cinematographer grant.

2006 Gaining entry to the Australian Film Television and Radio School.

2005 KODAK Light and Emulsion Workshop. Montreal, Canada.

2004 Lecturer. Cinematography. Melbourne Summer Film School.

2004 ʻImaginary Friendʼ HIGHLY COMMENDED Vic ACS.

Employment History

Focus Puller

Film Production Company Director of Photography
2006 Nightmares and Dreamscapes2005 Ghostrider2005 Charlottes Web2004 Perfect Creature2003 Ned Kelly2002 The Visitors2002 The Saddle Club2001 Halifax f.p Coote Hayes/Turner NetworkColumbia/Marvel EntertainmentParamount/NickelodeonParamount PicturesUniversal/Working TitleBayside PicturesCrawford ProductionsSimpson le Mesurier Ben Nott ACS/John Stokes ACSRussell Boyd ACS ASC/Brad Shield ACSSeamus McGarvey BSCLeon Narbey NZCSOliver Stapleton BSC/Brad Shield ACSEllery Ryan ACS/Robert Murray ACSPeter Falk ACSBrent Crockett A

Clapper Loader

Film Production Company Director of Photography
1999 Stingers II1998 Stingers I1998 Halifax f.p1997 Halifax f.p1994 Lucky Break1996 Brilliant Lies1996 River Street Beyond/Simpson le MesurierBeyond/Simpson le MesurierSimpson le MesurierSimpson le MesurierBeyond/Bayside PicturesHouse & Moorhouse Films Brendan Lavelle ACSRon Hagen ACSRon Hagen ACSJaems Grant ACSVincent Monton ACSGeoff Burton ACSMartin McGrath ACS


Film and Electronic Camera

I have experience working with all industry standard film and electronic camera equipment including.

GII, Millennium, Millennium XL Genesis HD, Sony F900R
SRIII, 35III, 435es, 35BL 4S –535b 21-D HD, Alexa.
Compact and SL
16 LTR 16 XTR Prod 35 XTR
16mm 400FPS High Speed
SONY CineAlta

Peripheral Equipment

Cineflex (Gyro Stabilized Helicopter-aerials)

Helicopter Nose & Side mounts

Remote Heads & 3 Axis heads

Shift & Tilt Lenses

Steadi-cam (Master & Pro series)

Underwater Housings

Tracking Vehicles


Geared Heads

Professional Memberships and Subscription

Australian Cinematographers Society
American Cinematographers Magazine

IF Magazine

Professional Details

Citizenship: Australian / New Zealand

Visa Status: O1 Visa

Union Status / Local Affiliate: Non-Union / IATSE Approved

Resident Status in United States: Los Angeles

Local U.S. Location Experience:
MINE GAMES (Feature Film)
Filmed on location in Seattle, WA
Mount St Helens, WA and Idylewyld, CA